Thursday, September 16, 2010

Following the Latest Stem Cell Debate in D.C.

News from Parkinson's Action Network (PAN) 9-16-10

A few PD-related news updates

If you haven't read the 9/16/10 Parkinson's Action Network letter for the Senate Hearings on human embryonic stem cell research, here is a direct link to the hearings convened by Senator Tom Harkin.
What you will see is a video of the hearings convened to discuss the science not the legal entanglements or the preliminary injunction.

You can go to PAN to see the status of HR 1362 which is the National MS and Parkinson's Disease Registries Act.  From the same page you will find the link to contact your legistlators:  Help Make Stem Cell Research Legislation a Priority this Fall.  It is not too late to contact your Members of Congress to express your concern.

If you missed some of the Podcasts offered through the Michael J Fox Foundation, it isn't too late to download them.  We missed Dr Andrew Sngleton speaking on What Causes Parkinson'sDisease? so we'll be opening this download.  You can still find the Podcasts listed under News & Events.

Lonnie Ali's recent remarks at a conference sponsored by GSK for PD patients and caregivers made it clear that the support of family and loved ones is so important to getting an early diagnosis. They were married a year after his PD diagnosis but 5 years after his parkinsonian symptoms were dx'd.

What we learn is that everyone does their part.  If you can't be geographically close there is always email and the phone for quick contact.  Just reach out.

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