Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Robert Gibbs and Chuck Todd - Not Amusing

Who's On First?
It should come as no surprise - but it does - that the new White House Press Secretary and NBC's newest White House corespondent had an exchange on health care and the issue of the anticipated executive order expanding the existing stem cell lines that put Bud and Lou to shame. And in the process shamed us all.

Robert L Gibbs, President Obama's appointee to the role of Press Secretary, a senior position just below Cabinet level wears nice ties. But he isn't ready or wasn't prepared to answer Chuck Todd's questions about when the the executive orders would be signed. And Mr Todd, also a newbie, wasn't prepared to pursue questioning beyond Mr Gibbs joking response that the answer was like a sitcom where the screen flashes "To Be Continued."

Odd, it usually isn't a sitcom but a drama that has that message. We take it seriously. Hope they are both a bit embarrassed by their dialogue and vow never to let that happen again.

You've got to get off the porch if you want to run with the big dogs ...

For a more detailed transcript see The Denver Post site, Politics West:

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