Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Summer Can Be A SAD Season for Parkinson's Disease

Hear the Music of Life While Travelling the PD Journey

In the Northern Hemisphere 'tis the season of the year when it's normally easy to be happy and optimistic. The weather is fantastic. Beautiful flowers and trees have bloomed and budded. This year, however, optimism is not such a sure thing what with the global fiscal crisis, several countries threatening to use missiles or nuclear bombs. The weather is weird with earthquakes and other bleak natural disasters. Gasoline seems headed to new price highs while families are spread out all over the globe......and oh yes, those of us who had Parkinson's still do.
Parkinson's disease still isn't fully understood and there is no cure yet. PD is a disease where the only certainly is progression, no matter the speed. It's not just situational depression but depression as part of PD itself. And don't forget summer SAD. I don't think I am affected by it all the time, but when I am it becomes very hard to begin projects, organize or complete things.

I have learned a few things about countering depression: If you have sleeping problems deal with them first, you won't get very far dealing with any PD problem until you are sleeping well. Try to acknowledge the depression. Denial just makes it more difficult for you and certainly for your family.

As difficult as it is, continue to be social. From volunteering to joining an online or offline support group. Don't sit at home, if at all possible, get out to be with people you like, people with whom you can communicate or share an activity. You need to generate your own positive feedback for yourself. You need to affirm that you still have a place in the world.

Exercise as often as possible using exercises designed for Parkinson's. Since every PWP is different, it may not work for you as well as it did for me or it may work better. I work out one hour a day, 6 days a week. I use exercise machines, a program designed for my needs and my own personal routine.

When you begin exercise get your doctor's advice and even better, the advice and program of a good exercise therapist. Begin slowly, you will find your pace, plateau and then exceed it.

Make listening to music something you do all day long especially when you work out. Music and exercising to music whether on a machine, dancing or sitting in a chair helps restore some homeostasis to the PD brain. And Chocolate for you but not your pets.

Enjoy your pets. Get out in the yard to soak up the sun with them, talk to them, smile with them, pet them, let them love you. And do the same for the rest of your family. Join the rhythm of life.


  1. I love all your doggie pictures!! I have Summer SAD and a website I'm working on: www.summersad.ning.com

    Feel free to visit if you ever feel the summer sad blues :-)



  2. We visited Saskia's website and found some helpful reminders about drinking fluids even when you don't feel thirsty and about having small meals in hot weather.
    What we didn't realize was that even 80 degrees farenheit can be too hot for many people.


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