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Finding the Best Price for CoQ10 for Parkinson's Disease

Shopping for CoQ10 - Ubiquinone - Ubidecarenone
Coenzyme Q - Coenzyme Q10
As you may know, we've been buying the anti-oxidant CoQ10 at Costco for the last few years. They carried TruNature made using the trans isomer (natural) process and appeared to be one of the least expensive. Price is important when you are taking at least 1200 mgs per day. Whenever my wife is at Costco she checks for a sale price since I go through a bottle every two weeks.

So you can imagine her surprise when she discovered that the 150 mgs with 120 capsules had been discontinued. In it's place was another brand, also made with the trans process but with a much higher price tag. So she went shopping around online and this is some of what she found.

For those who do shop Costco, they now carry Nature Made - they do have a coupon but that may expire soon.

We've been buying some Nutraceutical Sciences Institute products through Vitacost and are happy with NSI. The NSI CoQ10 is $23.99 for 240 100 mg capsules. For me that means a daily cost of $1.20 per day down .59 from the $1.79 we were paying for TruNature. The shipping cost - if any - is offset by the lack of sales tax so we ordered a couple of bottles because we know that NSI is a natural.

Vitacost also provides a drug interaction service - in this case we linked with the CoQ10 interactions.

And then she found Puritan's Pride which carries a CoQ10 they call Q-Sorb. Right now they have some BOG2 and the price for three 60 count 200 mg bottles worked out to be $1.07 per day. She was able to get the verification of the Trans process (yeast to extraction to purification to crystallization to drying to packing) through the Live Chat at the Help Page-Contact Us - found it near the bottom of the page.

Swanson Health Products carries more than one brand. We received an early evening immediate response from Phillip E in Customer Care at Swanson Vitamins which impressed us:
Thank you for contacting Swanson Health Products! I am happy to help you!
All of our CoQ10 is from the trans-isomer.
All of our CoQ10 is natural and produced through a fermentation process.
Here is a link to the Swanson catalogue of CoQ10 products. We determined the lowest cost to be 100 count 100 mg capsules at $1.02 per day.

Because Swanson Health Products also carries NOW CoQ10, she also wrote to NOW Foods and received a prompt reply from the Science & Nutrition Group who also sent this link the next morning:
Our Japanese sourced CoQ10 material is the best quality,
highest grade Coenzyme Q10 available.
All trans- isomer produced via fermentation.
Also once this raw material is received it is then handled using

Good Manufacturing Practices.
Products are get tested for purity.
Microbiological and the values of heavy metals such as Lead, Arsenic, Cadmium,

Mercury, Aluminum are specified well as other impurities.
Because swallowing is such a serious problem in Parkinson's Disease, Swanson has a pdf format printable pill size guide which I find very useful. Of course they are one of the few companies to indicate the capsule size.

We know there are other companies out there but we're pleased with the process and the cost per day which we've listed here. We certainly hope that this helps your search.

We're aware that the dry form of CoQ10 may provide the most accessible benefit to the body. We're also aware that capsules are easier for me at this stage in the PD journey.

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  1. It has been revealed that farm workers who were exposed to pesticides were most likely to develop Parkinson disease. Dependence on organochlorines has been known to be a problem as it includes the infamous DDT and chlordane. US government has banned these chemicals.


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