Thursday, November 26, 2009

Neupro Availability Update for a Happy PD Thanksgiving

A Neupro Patch and Parkinson's Disease Discovery

Wishing everyone a Happy USA Thanksgiving.  We're trying to get ready for the family festivities but wanted to take a moment to share some information with you.

We found something for which people in the US who had been using the Rotigotine patch, also known as the Neupro Transdermal Patch, might be able to give thanks.

Because it is Thanksgiving day in the US, I won't be able to contact iBenefitRX to verify their statements of 6/30/09, but it appears that there is a way for those with a prescription might be able to order this medication without waiting for months and months for it to complete its second FDA process.

We are posting a link to their website article about being able to obtain Neupro through an affiliate.  The rest of the work is up to you.

We last wrote about Neupro in August 2009 when the prospects looked dismal but it turns out that we didn't ask the right questions.  Thanks to Anonymous whose comments in the August article are worth a read, we've taken another look and that is how we found the information above.  Let us know what happens.
And don't forget, if you like the turkey breast meat, play the PD card and explain that it is better for you...because it is. Let's hope the wishbone does its magic.

Happy Thanksgiving

2010 Addendum:  There are other, longer established online pharmacies online.  We found the site in the article quickly and set up a link but did not do more research.  We have done some of it now but are not too happy with the results.

You might be interested in a few more and ways to verify the company you are considering. 

Check company trail through a domain search   This will tell you how long the site has been in use. You are looking for a legitimate existing business.   
You can use the following links at the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) to verify accreditation of the pharmacy you are considering.
to verify membership
or similar link to consumer safety  
It is important to note that even fraudulent sites are sporting the CIBA seal and credentials, so do not take those at face value.

Note: which is a legitimate site, does NOT carry the patch so the seal issue is very confusing. 

Another site to check is The International British Colombia Pharmacy Association also has a list of requirements legitimate Canadian Internet Pharmacy must follow.  
Also make sure that there is a legitimate street address as well as phone numbers.  We did find 2 sites with exactly the same address. Of course many mailing stores offer mailboxes which come with a street and suite address. While prices were pretty similar at the two Toronto sites, one offered free shipping while the other did not.
One serious problem with ordering from a non-local store is that your credit card will be charged and you may never see the product. There are plenty of scam sites out there.  At lease one purports to operate in Canada but are actually in Mexico.  Others...who knows!

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