Friday, May 1, 2009

Swine Flu - Influenza A - Updates for Parkinson's Disease

H1N1 Influenza A fka Swine Flu

The pigs in Egypt didn't stand a chance but now with the semantic changes of the World Health Organization (WHO) perhaps those which have not already been slaughtered can live to see another day. Because when it comes to what we want from life, that's it...we want to live to see another sunrise.

Now that we have H1N1 Influenza A perhaps the panic will ease and countries can stop reverting to their national knee jerk reactions. Yesterday my wife and I were discussing how various cultures reacted to the Swine Flu. Russia, China and the Ukraine immediately banned the importation of pork products from parts of the US and all of Mexico even though the virus is not transmitted through properly cooked pork.

France asked the EU to ban flights to and from Mexico after two travellers returned with suspected cases of the virus. By 4/30/09 The Associated Press reported that France had ruled out 181 cases and was testing 41 more with 5 probables. The US declared a public health emergency while cruise lines altered their itineraries to divert to the Keys and other ports. Some lines offered a chance to rebook.

The UK with 2 confirmed cases in Scotland and at least one more in southwest England has a supply of 33 million doses of Tamiflu and Relenza antivirals and is planning to increase that to 55 million. Spain had the first confirmed case in Europe and apparently has at least 9 more. And people in the US are buying Tamiflu antiviral from Canada.

It is very easy to panic when you have a weakened immune system as we PDers do but following the sensible guidelines should ease that stress. We're throwing away the tissues immediately but I'm not sure about going to the suggested elbow touch instead of a handshake. Perhaps we'll just nod hello as it is less drying to the skin than washing our hands with alcohol.

Center for Disease Control
Updates from WHO

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