Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cogane for Parkinson's Disease UPDATE

Cogane for PD in the Good News Column - Follow the Money

Phytopharm and Cogane are all over the financial News. 43% reduction in the disease process in the primate study. Using Macaque monkeys who are the research gold standard for Parkinson's disease, the study demonstrated the there is promise and safety in the future development of Cogane to treat Parkinson's disease.

The stock market has reacted favorably with stock prices soaring. After all, Parkinson's Disease is an $11 billion industry. Search for Cogane within the last few days and you will see the financial news before you see medical news. But that's okay because without the market, without the investors, there will be no future. I read it first in the Wall Street Journal.

The research itself was funded under the leadership of some amazing people. We salute Michael J Fox of MJFF and Tom Isaacs of The Cure Parkinson's Trust for putting their monies where there hopes are. Without funding by MJFF $1.16m grant and the The Cure Parkinson's Trust, whose managing director is Tom Isaacs, the testing and trials might have been left on a back burner.

The second study, phase Ib in humans - small study in healthy and controls - found it safe and essentially well-tolerated in all volunteers at 150mgs daily - PD trial participants reached the same levels as those in the primate studies.

Phytopharm will present more detailed results at the upcoming XVIII WFN World Congress on Parkinson's Disease and Related Disorders in Miami, FL on December 13-16, 2009.

So moving along, the Phase II clinical trials are scheduled to begin during the 2nd quarter 2010.

Cogane is a non-peptide neurotrophic factor which stimulated the growth of neuronal growth factors while increasing neurite outgrowth by elevating the levels of brain derived neurotrophic factors (BDNF) and glial derived neurotrophic factors (GDNF) which aid the survival of neurons. Per Dr Jonathan M Brotchie, Senior Scientist, Division of Brain Imaging and Behavior systems-Neuroscience at Toronto Western Research Institute, this is the 1st treatment which actually reverses disease process rather than just treating symptoms.

Addendum: June 2010
Phytopharm has announced that it will be moving to the phase II clinical trials in the USA.  The FDA has approved the protocol for the trials.  Enrollment will begin in late 2010.  We'll keep you posted with the links for the opening of enrollment.

To read comments from the MJFF, Tom Isaacs and Dr Brotchie, check this article published 10-14-2009


  1. i have pd plz help me how to wear pants and how to get out car this will help me to be independant
    plz show me with pic

    1. Not knowing your exact physical issues it is difficult to show you how to put on your clothing. It is possible that you will need velcro closures rather than buttons or snaps rather than hooks. You might find that putting on slacks is easier if you put them on the floor at your feet and then pull them up but that does require being able to bend easily and then rising from a sitting to a standing position.
      As far as getting out of a car, the best way is to swivel to the outside and using the open door for support, slide to your feet and once erect and on the ground, move on your way.
      I'm sorry - not pictures possible without more specifics.


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