Friday, January 23, 2009

FDA Okays Embryonic Stem Cell Clinical Trials

According to a Geron Corp press release, the FDA is allowing Geron Corp to begin human clinical tests of embryonic stem cells (ESC) for the treatment of acute spinal injuries. Geron will use ESC to try to regrow nerve tissue in patients.

Although the FDA had received the request to begin clinical trials since May 2008, they remained silent until now - possibly still reading the 21,000 page document.

The FDA action coming just a few days after Obama became President is heartening to patients who have chronic diseases such as Parkinson's, juvenile diabetes, MS. ALS and many other illnesses. It holds great promise for new treatments and transplants.

Geron Corp (GERN) is a San Francisco, California based biotech company developing biopharmaceuticals for treatments of cancer and degenerative diseases. Shares are trading up as of the announcement.

addenda 1/24/09
for additional information refer to:
Commentary about action and use of adult vs embryonic stem cells:

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