Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Questions About Parkinson's Disease - part IV

Below is a summary chart of the new Movement Disorder Society revision of the Unified Parkinson's Disease Scale (UPDRS)


Part I
Aspects of
Daily Living   

Part II
of Daily Living

Part III
Entire Body
Part IV Motor Complications: Dyskinesias and Fluctuations
Cognitive impairmentSpeechSpeech
Time spent with dyskinesias
(involuntray movement)
Hallucinations and psychosisSaliva and SwallowingFacial expressionfunctional impact of dyskinesias
Depressed moodEating tasksRigiditypainful off-state dystonia (levadopa decrement)
Anxious MoodDressingHand MovementsMotor fluctuations in off-state
ApathyHygieneRapid alternating movements of hands (pronation-supination)Functional impact of motor fluctuations
Features of dopamine dysregulationHandwritingToe tappingComplexity of motor fluctuations
Sleep problemsPerforming hobbies and other activitiesleg agility        -
Daytime sleepinessTurning in bedRising from a chair        -
Pain & other sensationsTremor impact on activitiesGait        -
Urinary problemsGetting in and out of bedFreezing of gait        -
Constipation problemsWalking and balancingPosture        -
Lightheadedness on standingFreezingGlobal spontaniety of movement (body bradykinesia)        -
Fatigue      -Postural hand tremor        -
      -      -Kinetic hand tremor        -
      -      -Rest tremor amplitude        -
      -      - Constancy of rest tremor        -

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