Tuesday, July 8, 2008


In the beginning when I got the diagnosis that it was Parkinson’s I didn’t feel anything.
Those were just sounds that made words. They didn’t even echo in the examination room.

Then after a moment, my doctor put his arm around me and with that gesture, I realized that my life had just changed forever.

I was proactive in my treatment throughout. I started reading everything I could find about PD. I joined online communities like BrainTalk and Ask the Doctor. I became excited about every drug development that was announced. I was almost obsessive about searching for PD information, although that might have been exaggerated by the Mirapex I was taking. But despite all this, somewhere in my head a little voice was telling me, “your life is over.”

That was what I really believed. And of course there was that other voice asking, “why me?” Most of the time in the last four years since the diagnoses was official, I’ve felt depressed and angry and braindead about my situation, even though I kept on reading and posting and looking for new breakthroughs.

When the news about Isradipine came out a year ago I broke down in tears of joy thinking I was saved. I've realized recently that I was putting my life on emotional hold, waiting to not be dying.
I had stopped exercising regularly, my wife took a better job but out of state, I got fired and I now realize these things happened not because I have PD but because I stopped living my life in my doctor’s office 4 years ago.

Now I’ve got a goal to learn how to be alive again. This blog is one of my first steps. Here I will discuss ways of living with PD, new alternative treatments and I’ll report how I’m doing and what’s going on in my world and the world of PD.

I hope some readers will have suggestions for me also and maybe we can debate and laugh like there’s no tomorrow.

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  1. Hello.

    I came across your blogsite via Google Alerts for the key word Isradipine. I am overwhelmed by what I have read in just one go. As I read your earlier blog: "ACCEPTING PARKINSON's, I was in tears recognizing what and how you felt on diagnosis of PD.

    After a heart attack and a bypass surgery in 2001, I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)and in September 2007 with PD. Like you, I must have read over a thousand pages of research initially on CFS. I started a blog too, just prior to the final diagnosis but could not carry on with it:


    I have a lot more that I can happily share with you and learn from you. How do I give you my email address other than by a publicly viewed Blog? You can try info@asia-major.com which will get to me.

    Best Wishes


  2. Thank you or helping me take a key step on the road to acceptance. 53 year old male just diagnosed 3 days ago after twitches in right arm/hand and limp in leg returned after spinal fusion 2/2/7. Now 2/12/9 is my date when the world changed. Still hoping it is a mistake as I take my third Azilect tablet and ponder 4/13 return to Neuro. Trouble sleeping but then I have a lot to think about. But I've learned so much from this blog! Thanks again. Bob

  3. Hello All,
    I got to know of this blogg from Ken and helpful is is too. Thank you. I cannot help you to improve your parkinson's symptoms, but I can point you in the direction of how to deal with events in your life.
    It is a small book called 'Zen and the art of happiness' by Chris Prentiss. This book is the real deal and tells you how to approach any situation in life. It is brilliant.
    Thank you again.

  4. Good to find your blog. It's a long journey and all information is helpful.


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