Monday, December 22, 2008


Several readers suggested to me that I needed to sleep alone in a larger bed. I started doing that 3 days ago.... even though my new twin bed is a lot smaller than our king-sized bed. I've gotten to sleep easily and slept all night long, with just a few interruptions. I'm feeling more rested than I have in more yawning during the day. I feel like I have lots of energy and I'm doing things like writing this article instead of just dragging myself through the day.

Each night since I've changed beds I've stayed up until I felt tired around 11:30pm. Then I've gotten into my new bed lying down on my back in the center. I cross my arms and hands on my chest and I think about any pleasant things that have happened to me during the day. I'm asleep in 10 minuets. Isn't that cool!

Couldn't figure it out at first until I realized I was feeling claustrophobic in the king size bed...because it was too soft for sleep and hard too get out of....while the twin bed is very firm.

My bladder eventually wakes me up but when I get back into bed I fall asleep effortlessly. It seems as if I only have to get up 2 or 3 times during the night instead of 4 or 5 times as before. While some of those waking periods were discomfort and not bathroom, since I'm not awake, I am getting more sleep.

When you do the math you realize that sleeping in a twin bed should give you exactly the same space as a king unless you borrow some extra space on the king...making you more comfortable and your partner less so. But that's why the bed seemed smaller. My allotted space is the same.

Now my wife gets to sleep without being awakened by my continuous trips to and fro. While Harry has happily returned to the bed from his jumbo cushion on the floor, Rita still alternates between sleeping and night-watch for noises in the backyard.

I had grumbled about having the dog on the bad, claiming that was the reason that I couldn't sleep. So my wife remembered the granddog bed, put it on the floor and a couple of pats later, Harry understood what was required. Of course that didn't work, I still couldn't sleep; he was sleeping better it appeared.

The cats decided it was safer to sleep on the loveseat in the office, warmer too since my wife likes breathing chilly air when sleeping. I don't miss canine and feline activity because I really do need to get a good night's rest.

So I will visit the other bedroom on occasion but I shall continue to enjoy the luxury of sleep.

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